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  • Late registrations will be pro-rated automatically, with a $2.00 per class fee to help cover Aardvarks licensing fees which are paid for in my purchase of the digital CD's given to every family each semester.  

  • Prorating applies only to the first registrant, the discounted sibling does not get prorated. 

  • All families must enable SMS Text messaging so that I can easily reach caretakers in the case of a last minute cancellation. 

  • Please include caretaker name and contact numbers in registration. 

  • Visiting family is welcome to join the class! 

  • Likewise, siblings out of school are encouraged to join us at no charge for the first visit and $25 after. After first visit, please pay through venmo: @AardvarkswithKat 


  • There are unlimited makeups throughout the semester. Make ups can be rolled into future semesters if needed.

  • Space is limited. Make-up requests must be done in advance using the make-up scheduler. Please click HERE to schedule a make up class. In case of any class changes, this will also importantly ensure that you are included in all correspondence regarding the class.

  • We follow the Maplewood school district's weather and most Holiday closings, so if there is a snow day or for MOST school holidays and breaks, there will be no class. 

  • On rainy or cold days below around 50 degrees, class will be indoors at Baker street Karate studio. I will text everyone morning of class to make last minute location changes. Please keep an eye out- if the weather report says rain anytime during the day, we will likely be indoors.

  • Drop-ins are limited to 2 per new family, at $35 per class.

  • I do not offer free demo classes, but anyone is welcome to sign up for a drop-in class to try it out! 

  • Returning students can drop in whenever, for $30.50 per class.

  • If your child will not be attending class- please let me know via text or on the website. 


  • All kids are different and experience group classes differently. Don't worry if your child is not following all the moves, they are surely taking it all in. There is no "right" way to experience music!

  • Keep an eye on them when they are helping in the clean ups, they can get pretty excited by that process and bumping into each other happens


  • Adults, please do not surf the web, have phone calls or write emails during class! Your participation and engagement in the class is integral to making the classes great. 

  • KEEP ADULT CHIT CHAT TO A MINIMUM Grown up voices are loud! Grab a coffee together after class! This is a great place to make new friends! Be open and friendly! 

  • Most importantly - SING, CLAP ALONG, SMILE AND HAVE FUN!! The children learn from watching us - so let's show them how it's done :)) 





  • A full refund (minus transaction fees) will be issued for cancellations prior to the first week of the semester.

  • After the first class of the semester a refund of 50% of the remaining classes (minus transaction fees) will be given for cancellations within the first two weeks of the semester. 

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