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What people say about the Aardvarks Music program....

We love Music for Aardvarks! We have been going now for about seven months and if CDs could wear out, they would be worn out by now. We have an au pair who (sometimes, secretly) puts them on to listen to when the kids are not around - she thinks they are hilarious! David Weinstone - you are our hero! — Anonymous

I just had to write and tell you how much we love using your music. There is so much there that speaks to the kids, makes them laugh, they learn the words so easily, and they love moving around the room and mimmicking anything idicated to do in the songs. — Anonymous

Thank you for this incredibly creative collection of music that inspires our kids to move and sing. You have a great gift for lyrics and such a terrific use and combination of musical instruments. It is also quite obvious to me that you have spent many hours working with and watching children. Thank you, again!! One question: Is the "Unplugged" CD a more recent release? We are curious. Sincerely, — Mrs. Kim Rodarmel, Music & Explorers Club Teacher Primrose School of Symmes, Cincinnati, OH

I have gone on and on about your music to my friends, who have children and are not terribly interested in "The Hokey Pokey", "The Wheels on the Bus", and other tired little tunes. I have encouraged them in the fact that these CDs are just as fun for adults, and that they might find themselves popping them in when the kids aren't even around. Ha! — Anonymous

More, more, more! When is your new CD coming out? We are all eager to get our ears on it! — Anonymous

My little ones like to dance naked to the head banger, "PlayDate.                                                                                                                                                                                             — anonymous

I like todays music it is much better than when I was young. — Anonymous

We thought we had the best teacher in the City until we moved to Montclair. Wow! We had our first class today with Alisa and she is amazing. The class was spirited and fun and she really taught us something about music, too -- without us even realizing it! — Anonymous

thank you so much - i crack up daily listening to "i want it, i need it..." and my daughter loves all the songs. you filled a much-needed hole in children's music. — Anonymous

where were you 20 years ago when my children were little? you are a great talent — Anonymous

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