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I am a working musician, and mother to 2 amazing kids, and I've been singing, playing guitar and piano and writing music for as long as I can remember! I've been teaching Music for Aardvarks to SOMA toddlers for the past 7 years. I have recently begun teaching voice to youth and adults at Tim Welch Vocal Studio, and I also sing and write in the band Marry the Sea- we play around town regularly! 


Music for Aardvarks songs encourage bravery, honesty, compassion, open mindedness, and individuality, to name a few, and the class structure nurtures teamwork, self-awareness, helpfulness, and sociality in the guise of fun, funny, and truly enjoyable kid friendly tunes....Ummm, not to mention melody, harmony and rhythm and all that! There are over 250 ORIGINAL AARDVARKS songs, spanning a huge range of styles (including punk rock!) and every album (over 13) ....is awesome! The music is all written by David Weinstone, a NY based songwriter who started Aardvarks back in 1997. You can read more about the HISTORY of Aardvarks riiiight...... HERE !

Aardvarks songs and stories reflect the landscape of the modern child, conveying messages that inspire kindness, love, confidence and individuality in a language that is direct, interesting and enjoyable for kids, and fun for grownups! After pretty much smiling straight for 45 minutes, I notice that everyone is in a better mood when class is over. We have all become a little freer and given up our self consciousness after engaging in dancing and singing together for a spell. I bring all my positive energy to each and every class. Playing music feeds my soul, and sharing this gift with the world brings me so much joy. There is nothing like the excitement of a kid bounding into our big class space ready to rock, and the big hugs I get when they leave. It’s the best. 

Come join us for some serious fun!! 

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It's no exaggeration to say that Weinstone has changed the musical geography of kids music.

As creator of the MFA classes that take place all over the country, his music has gotten thousands of tiny toes tapping.”

 – Time Out NY Kids